Social Media Toolkit

Participating Fresh Check Day schools and their partners now have access to a public comprehensive Social Media Toolkit and User Guide to help maximize Fresh Check Day social media presence on campus. Social media planning and posting has a lot of moving parts, so we’ve tried to make this toolkit as user friendly as possible.

Step 1: Follow Us

Follow JPF on these key social media platforms:

Step 2: Access the User Guide

Download for helpful information, tips, and tricks:

Step 3: Customize your Content

Download, customize and share the Toolkit content below to highlight Fresh Check Day across multiple social media platforms!

General JPF and Fresh Check Day Content

Fresh Check Day School Partnership Introduction

Suggested Caption:

[Your School Name] is so excited to share our partnership with @jordanporcofoundation and Fresh Check Day! This event is designed to bring a fun and inviting atmosphere to the topic of mental health. Follow along as we plan our own #freshcheckday on campus for students and staff!

What is Fresh Check Day?

Suggested Caption:

How does [Your School Name] show we’re #initforlife? Check out all of the interactive components of #freshcheckday including on campus and local mental health resources, positive coping and life skills, and more through engaging booths! [Food, prizes, and a visit from an emotional support animal?] Sign us up! (Use your own event details to customize!)

Fresh Check Day Booth Promotion

Nine out of Ten Booth Highlight

Suggested Caption:

Let’s talk about it! At the Nine Out of Ten booth during #freshcheckday, learn about warning signs, resources, and how to #helpsomeone who might be struggling with #mentalhealth

General Booth Highlight

Suggested Caption:

[Your School Name] #freshcheckday loading! A program of the @JordanPorcoFoundation, Fresh Check Day is an engaging mental health program [taking over the green on November 13th!] See you there! (Insert the place of your Fresh Check Day and date of program to customize!)

Preparing for Fresh Check Day

Shareables Prior to Fresh Check Day

Suggested Caption:

#FreshCheckDay is [November 13th on the green!] Share this post and tag your friends below to let them know how you’ll be showing your #initforlife pride. We welcome all students, new and returning at [Your School Name]!

Story Customization:

In the free space underneath the day countdown, insert the time and location of your event, and tag community partners, student groups/clubs, etc.!

Shareables on Fresh Check Day

Suggested Caption:

It’s a great day for #FreshCheckDay! We can’t wait to see you there. [Stop by the green from 10-3pm today for food and prizes.] There’s no better time than now to be #initforlife! (Insert the place of your Fresh Check Day program and time of event to customize)

Story Customization:

Upload this story onto your school’s social media platforms! Using the extra space at the bottom of the graphics, include a text box with details related to the event (location and time)

Shareables After Fresh Check Day

Suggested Caption:

Did you have a chance to check out #FreshCheckDay at [Your School Name]? A huge thank you to everyone who showed up in various ways to support mental health dialogue throughout our school community. Hey, @jordanporcofoundation, [Your School Name] is #initforlife!

Story Customization:

Upload this story onto your school’s social media platforms! Using the extra space above “took on”, add your school’s name or logo to share your pride for the program! The blank space above and below the text in the story is a great place to highlight pictures from your event.

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