Check In

A Fresh Solution

Check In takes the best of the Jordan Porco Foundation’s signature program for colleges and universities and makes it available to schools, communities, and workplaces outside of the higher ed sector.

Check In is a fresh solution for mental health awareness. It is an uplifting mental health promotion program for all ages that creates an approachable atmosphere that fosters dialogue about mental health. It includes interactive expo booths, community resources, and prize incentives, with a focus on fun!

“I loved it. I’m so happy this happened. I almost cried out of joy just seeing this; I feel thought of and cared for.”

Workplace Program Participant

Check In’s Recipe for Success

1. Interactive, Peer-Run Coping and Wellness Booths

These booths include an engaging activity, are run by participants’ peers whenever possible, and convey messages related to coping, positive life skills, and general wellness.

2. Community and/or Internal Resource Booths

Check In seeks to empower participants with ways they can live and cope better as well as provide knowledge of resources they can utilize in their communities.

3. Incentives!

In addition to things like free food and entertainment that create a social draw, Check In participants get credit for each booth they visit that helps them enter a drawing for prizes.

Check In programs include a minimum of 3 Coping & Wellness booths and 2 Resource booths.

Implementation Models

Check In offers two methods for implementation to allow it to fit within the parameters of a variety of environments.

Fair Model

Featuring 5 or more booths plus Registration at one time

Lunch & Learn Model

Featuring 1 booth a day over a minimum of 5 days

A Solution That Works

“I can honestly say this was the first school fair that reached out to almost every student and positively impacted them…. This event is definitely something we are going to continue and it is vital in creating a conversation about mental health.”

High School Program Participant

Impact Meets Value

With a low annual fee of just $500, adopting the Check In program is an affordable investment and gives you unlimited use of the program and comprehensive electronic library of implementation resources and materials for an entire year!

Pay It Forward Program

Businesses that adopt the Check In program are encouraged to pay it forward by providing a school or community in need the opportunity to receive the program at no cost to them.