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Every month, members of the Fresh Check Day Network receive a newsletter including news and updates from the Jordan Porco Foundation, campus spotlights, booth features, and more! It’s a great way to learn what other campuses are doing and get inspired. Missed an issue or new to the Network? Find all of our archived Network Newsletters right here!

That’s a Wrap! | December 2023

BIPOC Mental Health Month Special Edition | July 2023

Best Practice Approved! | May 2023

Follow Your Art Release | February 2023

Year End Recap | December 2022

In It For Life | October 2022

Using Media to Amplify Fresh Check Day | May 2022

Remembering Jordan Porco | February 2022

We’re Turning 10! | February 2021

Highlighting Hope | November 2020

Fresh Check Day in a COVID-19 World | August 2020
What’s Inside?
New Virtual planning tools, diversity resources, and more!

Virtual FCD Webinar, Online Gala, and more! | May 2020
What’s Inside?
The Jordan’s Journey Gala goes virtual honoring some Fresh Check Day all-stars!|Virtual FCD How-to Webinar coming June 17th|Nine out of Ten Program now accepting applicants.

Check-In at Home | April 2020
What’s Inside?
Bringing Fresh Check Day “Home.” In the wake of COVID-19 JPF has put together materials to bring the fun and uplifiting activities of Fresh Check Day to your students’ homes!

Booth Activities Spotlight | February 2020
What’s Inside?
Take a look at an awesome new Booth Activity from Knox College, meet Uplifter receipents from Worcester State University, and welcome Arizona into the Fresh Check Day Network!

Year End Survey Results | December 2019
What’s Inside?
Take a look at the dazzling year end results from student surveys and meet Uplifter reward recipients!

Keeping Fresh Check Day Fresh From Year to Year | November 2019
What’s Inside?
Learn how you can keep your students interested in Fresh Check Day from year to year, meet Uplifter reward recipients, and check out our 2018 Annual Report!

The Fresh Check Day Survey & You! | October 2019
What’s Inside?
Learn how important capturing Fresh Check Day data is, see how Three Rivers Community College is using Penny Wars to help benefit JPF, and take a look inside the Check In and Chill Out Booth!

Suicide Prevention Month | September 2019
What’s Inside?
Learn how you can be #initforlife during Suicide Prevention Month, take a look inside the Nine Out of Ten and Know Your Limit booth, and meet Rachel our Communications Manager!

Tips, Tricks, & Advice On Boosting Fresh Check Day Attendance | July 2019
What’s Inside?
Get advice on Fresh Check Day planning and promotion from a fellow coordinator; Take a look inside the At Ease booth at University of Kansas; Get to know a member of the Programs Staff!

Pride Month & Men’s Health Month | June 2019
What’s Inside?
Show love to the LGBTQ+ people in your life this month; Reach out to the men on your campus; See how St. Augustine University shows their pride through Booth Bank Activities; Get to know a member of the Programs Staff!

Mental Health Awareness Month | May 2019
What’s Inside?
Learn how JPF is #stickinit2stigma during Mental Health Awareness month and how you can be a part of it!; A recap of the spring semester; Checking in on YOUR mental health with Rhonda Spaziani; Jordan’s Journey annual gala awards; Booth Bank Activities; Welcoming new states into the Fresh Check Day Network; Get to know a member of the Programs Staff!

NEW Updates and Web Features | March 2018
What’s Inside?
Introducing Fresh Check Day Uplifters; It’s here – a new online Booth Activity Bank!; A new For Students section on; Promo Corner: Featuring 2 great promotional videos produced by Westfield State University; Book your 2019 event; Support our Gala

Happy New Year | December 2017
What’s Inside?
A look back at Fresh Check Day by the numbers in 2017; Award nominations open; Stories of Hope: An East Carolina University student shares what Fresh Check Day meant to her; Fresh Check Day in the wake of Hurricane Harvey: A testimony by Dr. Patrick Luckingbeal from University of Houston

Giving Tuesday | November 2017
What’s Inside?
Wear Jeans for Jordan this #GivingTuesday – Dress down for a cause; Introducing our 2016 Annual Report

New Year. New Booths. | August 2017
What’s Inside?
Introducing Nine out of Ten Ambassadors: A new program for college students; Unveiling 4 new Fresh Check Day booths

Honoring Outstanding Work | April 2017
What’s Inside?
Recognition of 2016 award winners; Inside the Booths: Paint Your Art Out at Southwest Minnesota State University; Network Referral Program shout out and reminder; New college student program coming soon; Four-legged friend at Fresh Check Day; 13 Reasons Why

A Year to Look Back On | December 2016
What’s Inside?
A look back at the tremendous accomplishments of Fresh Check Day in 2016, including data results and student testimonials outlining the program’s impact

Fall is for Fresh Check Day | October 2016
What’s Inside?
Congratulations on a busy and successful Fall Fresh Check Day season; Fresh Check Day returns to Eastern Connecticut State University; Inside the Booths: Elephant in the Room; Grant Opportunity: Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Campus Suicide Prevention; Exhibiting at The Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD) Conference; Save the Date: Jordan’s Journey 2017 Gala on March 25th!

Welcome Back! | August 2016
What’s Inside?
Things to keep in mind with Fall Fresh Check Days around the corner; Create-your-own booth banners; CCSU receives federal funding for suicide prevention; Planning page makeover

Mental Health Awareness Month | May 2016
What’s Inside?
A nod to Mental Health Awareness Month; recognizing award winners; Getting social: examples of utilizing social media at Fresh Check Day; Inside the Booths: Mood Matters; Intern Thank You’s; Welcoming JPF’s new Outreach Coordinator; Revealing the Fresh Check Day tent service trailer’s brand new look!

Marketing Your Fresh Check Day | February 2016
What’s Inside?
Advertising and promotion best practices; CUA holds first 2016 Fresh Check Day (in D.C.!); Inside the Booths: YOUnique; Schedule an Out of the Darkness Campus Walk

We Made a Difference in 2015 | December 2015
What’s Inside?
A look back at the impact Fresh Check Days had on campuses in 2015

Awards and Updates! | November 2015
What’s Inside?
Fresh Check Day award nominations; New booths for 2016; Updates to the Division of Labor and Materials Agreement; Samaritans adds texting services to statewide suicide helpline

I was the 1 in 10 | September 2015
What’s Inside?
Recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day; Kick-off Inspiration; Returning School Fresh Check Day Interest Application; Speaker’s Corner: Kevin Hines; Admins at Fresh Check Day

Connect us to YOUR Network | August 2015
What’s Inside?
Help us reach more schools; Welcome new staff; A new Nine out of Ten program; New planning documents web page; shipping prizes and Event Day Guides; Kevin Breel’s speaking tour and new book

Recapping the Spring Season | May 2015
What’s Inside?
Highlights from our 7 schools who hosted Fresh Check Day in Spring 2015

There is no “I” in Fresh Check Day | March 2015
What’s Inside?
The power of planning committees; Utilizing the planning documents online; We’re going to Texas; Congratulations to our 2015 Award Winners; GLS grant informational webinar

Thinking BIG About Fresh Check Day | February 2015
What’s Inside?
Thinking BIG; “The Evolution to My Thinking About Fresh Check Day” by Betsy Cracco, University of Connecticut; Inside the Booths: Active Minds at Connecticut College; New promo video; Active Minds Healthy Campus Award; The new model for comprehensive booth messaging; “Small Budget and Quick Planning” by Kathleen Ahern, Gateway Community College

Welcome | January 2015
What’s Inside?
Welcome and what’s this all about?; We’re growing; Introducing our new website; Get to know your programming staff; New name, new motto