Sacred Heart University | September 25th and 28th, 2013

Sacred Heart University marked the foundation’s sixth Fresh Check Day. The The Kickoff event featured gongs from the conduit center, many therapy dogs, and Jordan Burnham of the Active Minds Speakers Bureau giving a presentation about his survival of a nine-story fall and suicide attempt. Jordan spoke in front of a standing room only crowd and received a standing ovation at the end of his presentation. The main event took place on Saturday, September 28th. The entertainment for the event was off the charts and included a live DJ, the SHU Dance Team, Ballroom Dancing lessons, Zumba sessions, gong therapy, massage therapy, and therapy dogs. Sacred Heart’s main event also saw new tent activities like a depression screening under Check In and Chill Out, and “Take the Bar Exam,” where participants saw how difficult it was to dress a Barbie while wearing beer goggles and learned how much they were really drinking on a typical night. Students also enjoyed an all-day free cook-out, free ice cream, and popcorn. The dedication and passion of the SHU staff and administration truly helped the event reach it’s full potential.

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Video Credit: Kate Racanelli